Winter Solstice

The day has come when the darkness takes over the lightness.

The day has come when we are must spend more time in silence.

This day is one where our spirit and nature will commune and make a divine pact.

This is the day to meet your shadow and realize you can’t run away anymore.

Today is the day to go into the darkness and know that light will come.

Know in the light, we will notice our growth and our accept all the things we once feared about ourselves.

Welcome to the darkness. You have been waiting for you!

5 Steps to Reinvention

(via Instyle: Woman with Desk and Chair: Jennifer Lopez’s Guide to Reinventing Yourself)

JLo is turning 50 in July and shares a few things about reinventing herself in a 5 steps. 

  • Tip 1: Age is just a number. Do as much as you can while you are still alive. Don’t let age stop you! #never2too #never2old #never2late
  • Tip 2: Ask for help. Apply what you learn in self- help books and think positive.  #affirm #healyourlife
  • Tip 3: Don’t apologize for what you want. #bigup #dreambig
  • Tip 4: Start small. Everything falls in place after that. #startnow #babysteps
  • Tip 5: Take care of yourself. Check in often. #selfcare #reflect #dothework

Have you ever reinvented yourself?

What was your first step?