The Divine Nomad is all about providing inspiration, support and guidance for people on the journey to live a holistic and liberating life.

We focus on healing, exploring, transforming, and loving our way to our greatest potential and highest good.

I help others on their journey to wholeness, engagement and transformation through exploration, healing, loving and personal leadership during transitions by offering vision coaching and access to a network of others and events.

As an Explorer, I inspire my soul tribe to:

  • Be courageous on their journey.
  • Discover new possibilities.
  • Take the road less traveled.
  • Commit to a purposeful life.

As a Healer, I support my soul tribe to:

  • Increase inner awareness.
  • Develop prosperous habits.
  • Pay attention to self more.
  • Challenge limiting beliefs/values.

As a Lover, I nurture my soul tribe in:

  • Shining their divine light.
  • Finding and developing passions.
  • Turning away from fear and resistance.
  • Taking control of their lives.

As a Connector, I assist my soul tribe in:

  • Seeing their strengths and skills.
  • Partnering with likeminded people.
  • Cultivating an deeper relationship with community.
  • Pinpointing activities that surround them with their tribe.

I bring my heart and soul to my work with others. I also am a work in progress and enjoy sharing my journey of becoming my greatest self.

I am passionate about helping people conquer their doubts, blind spots, and self-sabotaging behaviors to create a future that makes a difference for themselves and everyone they interact with.

I encourage self reliance, curiosity, integrity, truth and ultimately, life is a vapor.

I’ve had a lot of successes in helping people navigate through personal and professional changes without fear and make changes to become the person they always envisioned.