Love Yourself

Loving yourself is making decisions that allow you to make the most of the experience and your life.

Will Smith did an IG story over the weekend talking about how our likes and dislikes or our needs and fears will only keep us where we are but if we want change we have to focus on what is right and true. He hit the nail on the head because our thinking and acting reflects the love we have for ourselves.

Love isn’t getting your nails done and a massage or even that steaming cup of coffee, it’s opening your eyes to reality and making the necessary adjustments to change for the better even if it’s uncomfortable and emotionally painful. Love is asking the question “Am I loving myself by doing this instead of that?”

Often times, we come to a fork in the road and are forced to make a choice. Sad to say, we are often moving out of habit not free will. Who holds the strings to your life? Is it old beliefs, other people’s approval, the notion of this is what I’ve always done or is it just the easiest choice to make?

Loving yourself is giving yourself the chance, every day, to be an active life influencer. What you do with your time and the choices you make will define the life you live at the end of the day. This doesn’t mean you have to be anything grand but it does mean that you at the end of the day you are able to shine a spotlight on yourself and know that you moved out of love for self.

Love yourself with all your might!


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