Day 2 of Kwanzaa

Kujichagulia is a mouthful yet fitting for its meaning.

Having the fortitude to control the narrative around, about and within you.

It truly takes self determination to hold your space in the world.

This is my favorite Kwanzaa principle because it’s strong, unapologetic and self assured like all the ballsy women I admire like Harriett Tubman, Zora Neale Hurston, Nina Simone, Maya Angelou, my grandma.

In 2018, I feel this principle was tested within me every single day. 2018 was the year of space. I’ve often awakened and felt as if I wasn’t in my body at all. What I learned about space is it provides an environment absent of pressure and expectation, a freedom. With this freedom, I’ve had to manifest anchors and goalposts to ground and motivate myself because without this I was liable to float away and get severely burned by the sun and in turn fall in the ocean like Icarus.

I had a friend recently call me “the engine that won’t quit”. I feel like my daily is nothing admirable, it’s literally me finding the strength and balance to get up, put one foot in front of the other and focus only on what’s in front of me.

What I’m hoping happens is I become aware of what I want, who I want to be and make deliberate moves to become that person. Ultimately, I’ve had to use my imagination and believe that I’m moving forward for a purpose.

Step by step, bit by bit with blind determination.

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