Day 1 of Kwanzaa

First off, Kwanzaa isn’t religious, it’s cultural for a people who were stolen and traded from their motherland. Despite it all, we know we come from a place entrenched in culture that we can only scratch the surface of remembrance. Today marks day 1 of a 7 day homage to African heritage and values. Today we reflect on the principles of Kwanzaa and celebrate how far we’ve come in 2018 and set intentions for 2019.

Umoja is unity.

Coming together and standing as one.

We are one.

In 2018, I wavered on this like the flame of the black candle. Instead of leaning on my community to lift me up and give me the support I desired, I isolated myself. I wanted to ask for help but I felt like others had their own ‘stuff’ going on. I didn’t show up to things like I’ve done in the past cause I didn’t feel I had anything to offer the group.

I know now I was wrong to think that way and by not showing up and asking I didn’t give my community a reason to come together and strengthen. Every chance the community gets to unite for a common cause, it gets stronger.

In 2019, I will show up for my community and trust that they will show up for me.

What about you? Share below how you practiced Umoja in 2018 and what is a way you can practice it in 2019.

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