5 Steps to Reinvention

(via Instyle: Woman with Desk and Chair: Jennifer Lopez’s Guide to Reinventing Yourself)

JLo is turning 50 in July and shares a few things about reinventing herself in a 5 steps. 

  • Tip 1: Age is just a number. Do as much as you can while you are still alive. Don’t let age stop you! #never2too #never2old #never2late
  • Tip 2: Ask for help. Apply what you learn in self- help books and think positive.  #affirm #healyourlife
  • Tip 3: Don’t apologize for what you want. #bigup #dreambig
  • Tip 4: Start small. Everything falls in place after that. #startnow #babysteps
  • Tip 5: Take care of yourself. Check in often. #selfcare #reflect #dothework

Have you ever reinvented yourself?

What was your first step?

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